southpaw bbq

In just a year, the Mission’s Southpaw BBQ and Southern Cooking has made a big impression, with tasty barbecue and Southern dishes, and, yes, home-brewed beer. As Southpaw’s Elizabeth Wells told Eater SF recently, while the restaurateurs started out with modest expectations for their beer, that’s changed over time:

What has surprised you most over the year?

Elizabeth Wells: When we decided to take on brewing as a large part of the restaurant, we had modest expectations. With the brewing, we wanted to have incredibly great home brewed beer here, and whiskey. As part of southern food, it’s a big part of the culture. Our expectations have been exceeded, not only with the quality of beer that we’re getting, but also the response. People have loved the beer and it’s become an integral part of our business.

Tasty beer that pairs well with barbecue? Sounds pretty good to me. Make sure to taste some Southpaw beer for yourself at The Bay Brewed 2012 on Saturday!