Anchor Steam

One of the final breweries we’re proud to feature at this year’s The Bay Brewed 2012: Rock and Roll Beer Festival is Anchor Brewing. Anchor prides themselves on being the only steam brewery to remain on the West Coast, and their history runs deep — they’ve been brewing out here since 1896. Today, the brand is so popular that you can find Anchor just about anywhere, and choose from several of their brews on tap at AT&T park.

If you haven’t already, we HIGHLY recommend visiting the brewery down in Potrero Hill for a tour rich in San Francisco tradition and full of surprises. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a sip of their limited supply of Old Potrero Rye Whiskey or the Junipero Gin.

We’re not sure what they’ll be pouring at The Bay Brewed, but we can all hope for a little holiday cheer: