Sonny Smith

As a playwright, author, solo artist, and the leader of Sonny & The Sunsets and numerous invented bands, Sonny Smith has worn a dizzying array of hats over the years. Even just among his work with The Sunsets, there’s a restless creativity at play, so it shouldn’t have been all that much of a surprise that this year’s Longtime Companion embraced country inflections over jangly garage pop.

And while “the country album” is a phrase that rightfully should give music fans chills more often than not, Smith’s rich sense of music history — previously showcased through the cavalcade of invented bands in the 100 Records project — finds him incorporating twang in the service of thoughtful, personal songs. And given Smith’s track record, would you expect anything else?

We’re really excited to have Sonny & The Sunsets performing at The Bay Brewed on December 1st. Enjoy this five-video collection from the band and be sure to buy your tickets for the festival here.