Photo by Allison Donlevy

We’re big fans of DSTVV here at The Bay Bridged, and it’s not just because frontman Joel Cusumano gave this fine website a bit of an ironic shoutout in “Hannah Lew (Did My Video)”. (Note: Hannah Lew did not actually produce a DSTVV video.) No, DSTVV is great because, in a small number of releases, they’ve created a sound that is distinctively their own while poking a little fun at the San Francisco art culture that they happen to be a part of.

For DSTVV’s latest release, they covered “N.I.T.A.” from Welsh post-punks Young Marble Giants. “They’re known as one of the most quiet, minimally arranged post-punk groups, so I thought it’d be appropriate to disrespect their legacy and make one of their songs SCREECH the way DSTVV tracks do,” says Cusumano. “The opening lines are possibly my favorite opening lines of any song ever too – hope my smart-assed vocal does them justice.”

The truth is Cusumano’s dry delivery works quite well in between his relentless “industrial grungegaze” drum and guitar breaks. The massive outro is distinctively loud, screechy, and fuzzy, but also a little sad and introspective. You can listen to DSTVV’s take “N.I.T.A” below, and see them in person November 24th at The Knockout.

Sisu, Tropical Popsicle, Sophie Ginou, DSTVV
The Knockout
November 24, 2012
9pm, $6