Chamber metal group Grayceon has announced that their next album, entitled Pearl and the End of Days, will be out in early 2013 on Flenser Records.

The album is comprised of two epic tracks, “Pearl” and “The End of Days”, which were written primarily during down time the band went through after the release of their third album, All We Destroy. Cellist/vocalist Jackie Perez Gratz says the free time allowed them to explore some new ideas:

Lack of specific goals and immediate expectations gave us the freedom to penetrate a newfound energy in our music. These two new songs, “Pearl” and “The End of Days”, are the expression of that energy: more rock based, overall faster tempos, and a lighter heart lyrically. The EP embodies Grayceon’s musical style and challenges, but the songs, while taking on a different mood than previous material, still allow plenty of opportunity for head banging.

The band posted several videos of the recording sessions on their YouTube channel. Here’s guitarist Max Doyle doubling up a killer riff from the album:

Another of the videos, which features Perez Gratz laying down a vocal track for “End of Days,” bears this description: “Jackie tracks vocals for the song…for which Zack

[Farwell, drummer] chose the narrative context and Jackie wrote the lyrics. A comet flies toward the earth and rockers unite in song during their final hour.”

We’ll keep you updated as further details on Pearl and the End of Days and its release are made available.