SF’s resident “chamber pop” outfit Foxtails Brigade joined forces with Bay Area filmmaking gurus The Perez Brothers to create a video for a shortened version of the track “Pan-Asian Delight”, the latest single off the band’s 2011 album The Bread and the Bait. The video features a montage of striking Civil War-era photographs interspersed with Photoshopped shots of the band, creating what the directors dubbed “Ken Burns meets MTV.”

A gorgeously lilting track, “Pan-Asian Delight” showcases the band’s stark-yet-stunning instrumentation, as well as vocalist Laura Weinbach’s soothing tones and poetic lyrics. With its vintage feel, the video was intended to function “equally as both a Civil War documentary and a music video,” and The Perez Brothers “hope to challenge the viewers to question the authenticity of the pictures being presented.” Foxtails Brigade’s throwback sound meshes seamlessly with the grainy black-and-white photographs from one of, if not America’s most trying period, creating a beautiful, although much too short, audio and visual experience.

Watch the video for “Pan-Asian Delight”, below, and check out Foxtails Brigade’s extended live performance of the track from their “Farmhouse Series”, after the jump.