San Francisco should be damn proud to call singer/songwriter Jessica Pratt its own. The young folk musician just released her debut, self-titled album on Birth Records – a label created by White Fence‘s Tim Presley solely for the purpose of placing Pratt’s hauntingly beautiful songs into our laps. He explains on the label’s three week old Facebook page:

I never wanted to ever start a record label. Ever. But there is something about her voice I couldn’t let go of. And hers must be heard. It’s an actual voice. An actual beautiful voice. This ones a classic sounding voice. Not to mention her song writing, recording and guitar playing. Jessica Pratt’s music feels like I have found a lost LP of an old forgotten mystical folk singer, that feeling of discovering a record all by myself: Without the help of friends or the Internet. Like Stevie Nicks singing over David Crosby demos, with the intimacy of a Sibylle Baier. I am in love with it. So much, that I saved up and threw all my money to get it into this world. I actually care about it, no matter which way the winds blow.

Pratt surfaces alongside the fall season in an example of perfect timing. Our first taste of the album came in the form of “Night Faces” (above), a track that spent the first two weeks of November featured prominently throughout the music blogosphere. Since, Presley has made available two more songs online, “Midnight Wheels” and “Streets of Mine”, which you can listen to below. It’s a remarkable collection of music that begs to be owned on vinyl. Others thought so too, as the first pressing of 500 has already sold out. A second round is in the works and you can also grab a digital version. It’s now on loop as we eagerly await any word of scheduled live performances.