Bedroom pop seems to be pretty common these days, but for some reason, you don’t hear much about bedroom twang. Well, San Francisco’s Nate Mercereau has released what is sure to be the best Bay Area instrumental western soundtrack album you’ve heard all year, and he recorded it entirely in his apartment in the Sunset.

$1,000,000 Worth of Twang was heavily influenced by Duane Eddy‘s 1960 album of the same name. Mercereau tells me he “had a lot of classic sounding melodies floating around and didn’t know what to do with them til I heard Duane Eddy. He presents melodies so simply and effectively with his signature twang sound that I had to put these tunes together in a compilation in tribute to him.” Mercereau also says he wrote each song with a scene or story in mind, but left the track names ambiguous, creating what he called “write your own story” music.

Mercereau’s guitar work on Twang is top-notch, as are the arrangements and production – you’d never know it was recorded in a bedroom if he didn’t tell you. He is also a guitarist for The Park, the “Bay Area’s most sought after rhythm section,” and is currently in the studio mixing his next release, which is due out early next year.

Stream Twang below, or purchase the album from Mercereau’s Bandcamp page.