A staple for many City-dwellers, Pizza Orgasmica & Brewing Co. is primarily known for its eclectic mix of downright delicious pies. But that’s not all this budding SF institution is famous for – no, its large selection of tasty beers has also made a splash with a growing throng of devotees. With three locations in the City, plus another in San Rafael, Orgasmica’s menu features an expansive list of award-winning barley pops with something to satisfy any beer drinker’s palate.

Orgasmica’s current lineup is highlighted by its IPA, Amber Ale, Porter, and Pale Ale, and includes everything from two different hefeweizens (4 Grain and Raspberry) to a blueberry-flavored bitter and even a Kölsch. The IPA – a ridiculously hoppy and tasty brew – won the gold medal at the 2011 Fairfax Brewfest, where 21 mainly-Bay Area breweries participate across a range of categories.

The Bay Brewed will be featuring beer from Orgasmica as well as many other local brewers! Join us on December 1st for an afternoon of great music, beer, and celebration of two great local communities. Get your tickets now!