Once again, it’s time to share some of the best music that came to us via our oh-so-easy-to-fill-out submissions page. Remember, we listen to EVERY submission, regardless of genre. Send us your indie rock, hip hop, electronica, country, metal, or whatever – we want to hear it!

Now, about that new music…

Berkeley’s Jasper Patrick Leach (pictured above) released a cover of the Velvet Underground’s sophomore album White Light/White Heat in response the Velvet Underground & Nico tribute LP that is all the rage right now. Leach, who also plays in The Myonics, Brasil, The Symbolick Jews, and Cold Sun, created a loud, fuzzy, and kick-ass rendition of the original, and you can listen to it all below:

Everyone Is Dirty used to be named Lee Malone, until, according to their bio, “some motherfucker said his name was lee malone too, he threatened us physically, it was a whole big thing.” The Oakland-based septet has created quite a bit of indie pop for you to enjoy on their Soundcloud page. Listen to “Meltyface Maloney” below, and catch them live at Hotel Utah on December 20th (full details at the bottom of the post).

Finally, San Francisco’s Darling Gunsel has created an electro-pop album that has just the right amount of glitz. Listen to their debut single “Staight Girls” below and head over to iTunes to download the rest of their debut album Unresolved Heart. Darling Gunsel is booked for an album and video release party tonight at Beatbox. (full details at the bottom of the post)

Adonisaurus, Darling Gunsel, Rowsy Bosch, Jeb Havens
November 13, 2012
7:30pm, $8

RonDre., Down and Outlaws, Everyone Is Dirty
Hotel Utah
December 20, 2012
Time & Pricing TBD