Santa Cruz’ Yoodoo Park (aka GRMLN) just dropped his debut EP Explore, which we first told you about back in September. The album was initially streamed exclusively by Santa Monica’s KCRW, but Park recently made it available via his label Carpark Record’s SoundCloud page.

Explore features seven pop tracks that paint striking soundscapes reminiscent of the surf town that Park presently calls home (he was born in Japan and raised in SoCal). Bright and open tracks like opener “Relax Yourself (Dolphin Cry)” and “Wedding” bleed into the jangly guitars and plodding bass of the likes of “Depressions” and the album’s first single “Coral”. If there was ever an album that could put even the most toxic soul at ease, this is it – it is the definition of chill.

Listen to Explore in its entirety, below: