San Francisco’s Satellite High (aka Jay Friedman) recently released Radd Axxion, an EP of studio odds and ends. There isn’t a particular theme on the record, other than Friedman’s obvious desire to take chances and experiment on most tracks. There’s an anthem (“That Hat Makes You Look Like George Lucas”), a jazzy instrumental (“I Don’t Actually Know What Jazz Means”), and a bizarre song with a kind of ska vibe (“Robot Arms (That’s the Way We Do It)”). While every track probably won’t connect with every listener, you have to admire Friedman for taking chances and putting out unique hip hop. I personally think he nails it more often than not and hope he keeps pushing boundaries.

On Axxion, Friedman takes care of all the live instrumentation and production himself (with the exception of one track), and he recorded a couple of the songs in a way that was a bit of a change. “‘The Mysterious Object’ and ‘Robot Arms’ were tracks I recorded completely backwards,” explains Friedman. “I did vocals first to a click-track and then built the beats behind ’em. I think that may have led to a lot of the ‘weirdness’ of ’em.”

You can stream Radd Axxion below, or name your price for a digital copy on Satellite High’s Bandcamp page.

Satellite High will play at the Vagabond Ballroom as part of their “Mystery Movie Night”. I’m not sure who the other artists will be (because it’s a mystery!), but I know there be a Satellite High performance, a movie, and some trivia, and yeah, it will only cost you five bucks to get in. Check out the details below.

Satellite High
Vagabond Ballroom
November 11, 2012
6:00pm, $5