Fun Fun Fun Fest - Explosions in the Sky - Photo by Mike G

I gotta hand it to the organizers of Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas – they really have it figured out. Rather than focus on one genre, the festival has four stages that house acts from a variety of similar genres: Orange (indie rock and the “main stage” for headliners), Black (punk and metal), Blue (hip hop and DJs), and Yellow (comedians during the day, more bands during the night). There’s also half-pipes for skateboarding and BMXing, tons of local eats and drinks available, and yes, lots of fun fun fun to be had. (And a free water station, too, because this is, after all, Austin, which was hot and dusty.)

There were several bands from and affiliated with the Bay Area at Fun Fun Fun Fest, including Dwarves, Deerhoof, WHY?, and Kreayshawn. There were bands headed to the Bay Area soon, like A Place to Bury Strangers (NYC), El Ten Eleven (L.A.), and Girl in a Coma (San Antonio). Needless to say, I took a ton of pictures.

I must have shot at least 25 bands, and yet I feel like I barely began to represent everything that went down at in Austin. Highlights, most definitely, were Run DMC, Exposions in the Sky, Danny Brown, and Refused, pretty much in that order. But that doesn’t include bands like Fucked Up, De La Soul, Liturgy, Real Estate, Lagwagon, and countless others that I had to make the strategic decision to miss. The only reason I mention just four bands as highlights is because I had to limit myself, or I’d be typing forever.

Enjoy the photos!

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