Dark Mountain

San Francisco hardcore veterans Loma Prieta are repressing their 2009 Dark Mountain LP in a limited edition lot of 500 on cloudy clear vinyl. Pick up a copy now before they disappear again and surround yourself with the band’s distinctive, lurching Bay Area hardcore. Order here from Disco Huelga.

Also, if you slept on their 2012 LP I.V., I’m hear to remind you once again to give it a listen. It’s a ferocious album: caustic, heavy, melodic, confident, and produced with a dark, crunchy compression that gives a dense weight to the band’s attack. In my opinion, it’s the best hardcore album of 2012. Try “Biography” to hear the band slide between the frantic energy of traditional hardcore and an atypical, pounding chorus that could have been originally written on the piano, its stomping movements an alluring mix of low end bass and high, warm guitars.