Oakland record label Moon Glyph has released a mammoth compilation showcasing artists from the label’s current roster, with over two hours of original tracks available for free download. Opal Vol.I & II is divided into two volumes, spanning 26 fresh and exclusive tracks of the psychedelic variety. Vol.I has a slight emphasis on more band oriented jams, while Vol.II drifts a little further into more ambient drone territory. Great stuff all around.

This stellar compilation features diverse contributions from Moon Glyph artists such as Food Pyramid, Velvet Davenport, Dead Luke, and Deep Magic, as well as newcomers including Matthewdavid & Diva, Clipd Beaks, Future Shuttle, and Zomes. Check out Velvet Davenport’s outstanding contribution titled “Dark”:

Velvet Davenport – “Dark”

Opal Vol.I & II is available for free download from the Moon Glyph website. If you like what you hear, be sure to browse the label’s catalogue of far out releases as well.

Opal Vol.I & II tracklisting:

1. Tara King th. – “Hidden Jack”
2. The New Lines – “The Fishtown Mathematician”
3. Velvet Davenport – “Dark”
4. Halasan Bazar – “Everybody Dies”
5. Dead Luke – “A Midnight Ride”
6. Brute Heart – “Sonambulist”
7. Samantha Glass – “Shifting Worlds”
8. The Garment District – “When Raven Claws the Sky”
9. Magic Castles – “Sky Sounds”
10. Clipd Beaks – “This Is Dusk”
11. FWY! – “Savage Heat”
12. Wume – Untitled
13. Deep Earth – “It Stands Our Mother”
14. Muscle Drum – “At Will / At Fault”
15. Food Pyramid – “Birthday Money”

1. Treasure Hunt – “Skinny Parrot”
2. Matthewdavid & Diva – “Diva’s Thumb Piano”
3. Deep Magic – Untitled
4. M. Sage – “Illusory Promenade”
5. Zomes – “Metacenter”
6. Meadowlands – “MTTam”
7. Beyond – “The Commune”
8. Angel Eyes – “B/M/E/”
9. Beat Detectives – “One Speck”
10. Million Brazilians – “Dyngia Nomad”
11. Future Shuttle – “The Silver Line”