If you’d rather RAGE than merely party on Halloween, this one’s for you: Hallorager at Thee Parkside.

It should be a pretty cool night. For starters, four Bay Area bands will be masquerading as some of their favorite punk pioneers for the night and playing all covers. Glitter Wizard will go back to their roots as The Seeds, Twin Steps will be spasming as The Cramps, Meat Market will hopefully not defecate on the stage as they interpret their favorite G.G. & The Jabbers tunes, and The Parmesans will be working out The Kinks.

But that’s not all! No, for the low admission price of $5 (if you show up in costume—$8 if you’re lame) you’ll also get access to the haunted house out back, which will feature silent film projections, tarot card readings and a special guest, someone known only as MOM who will have a “spook booth” (I have no idea what that is, but the press release stipulates “attendee beware!” so, you know, I figured I should warn you). Apparently there will also be a “creepy DJ set” by DJ Dahmer, and the Master of Ceremonies will be someone billed as the world famous Sir Yumsly Foothat (whom I’ve never heard of).

If that’s a little too much mystery for you, don’t worry. Glitter Wizard never disappoints. Just check out the video for their track “Snow Crash”:

Glitter Wizard, Twin Steps, Meat Market, The Parmesans
Thee Parkside
October 31, 2012
8:00pm, $5-8