christopher owens - lysandre

Christopher Owens, the former Girls frontman, has announced the release of his debut solo album. Lysandre is slated for a January 14th release on Turnstile. Owens has describes the record as “A coming of age story, a road trip story, a love story.”

The album does have an interesting backstory. Inspired by the events of Girls’ first ever tour in the summer of 2008, its namesake recalls a woman Owens met in France during a festival performance. Lysandre is written, recorded and sequenced as a complete narrative.

Recorded with former Girls producer Doug Boehm, the record was written almost entirely in one creative outpouring. The San Francisco-based singer-songwriter explains, “Lysandre could easily be mistaken as an album about a love affair. But it’s much more than that.”

Chris Owens’ unmistakably personal songwriting is sure to flawlessly intertwine hope and heartbreak, apparent from the album’s first single. You can stream the first two tracks from the album via Turnstile’s SoundCloud page. Hear “Lysandre’s Theme” and “Here We Go” below.

Owens just announced a solo show at The Lodge at the Regency Ballroom on November 9th. Tickets are on-sale now.

Christopher Owens
The Lodge at the Regency Ballroom
November 9, 2012
9pm, $20