After a successful Kickstarter campaign to overcome financial hurdles (“sequins don’t grow on trees, ya know??!!!”), the Brandy Baugh and Seth Bogart-produced TV variety show called Hollywood Nails is almost here. Campy, sleezy, and trashy are all adequate adjectives to describe the show about “gossip, BBWs, control top panty hose, good hair, JUSTICE, and gay pets,” duh.

Like an episode of Pee Wee’s Playhouse on acid and glitter balls (that’s cocaine and glitter), the pilot episode of Hollywood Nails features cameos from Grass Widow, King Khan, Nobunny, King Tuff, Shannon Shaw, Alexis Blair Penney, among others and is tentatively scheduled to air in its entirety here on November first; until then enjoy the teaser via V Mag. It’s full of some pretty groundbreaking stuff, including a product that will change the way we eat in cars forever (spoiler alert: it hold twelve dips!).

Seth, a Bay Area expat and recent LA resident, has also started a new label called Wacky Wacko, whose roster so far includes his H.U.N.X project and Saba Lou, who happens to be the eleven year-old daughter of King Khan, and who is – achoo! – amazing:

Upcoming from Wacky Wacko includes songs from the TV show, as well as Grass Widow, Johnny Makeup, and Shannon and the Clams releases, so stay tuned. And if you’re going to be in L.A. for Halloween, Seth will be performing as Gayracula with support from Bleached at The Echo.