According to DSTVV‘s “official” bio, frontman Joel Cusumano “swears he’s only listened to MINISTRY and COCTEAU TWINS during the months before creating the songs that appear on DSTVV’s debut.” While that may sound a bit ridiculous, when you listen to the band’s debut – an EP titled Molly Soda – that explanation makes sense, and the combination actually works quite well.

“Whatever sound came out of this just kind of happened with me trying to use the loudest drums I could find in Logic,” explains Cusumano. He also aimed for “Smashing Pumpkins-style sounds out of the guitars with my Big Muff.”

No matter how you describe DSTVV’s music, it’s likely a bit outside of what you’re used to and is a fine addition to the local scene. Teen Witch Records has released Molly Soda on cassette, and all of DSTVV’s music is available on their Bandcamp page. Listen to Molly Soda-track “Ariel’s a Punk” below.

DSTVV will play The Knockout on Saturday, November 24th with Sisu (the project of Dum Dum Girls drummer Sandra Vu) and Sophie Ginou. Also be sure to check out the bizarre, hilarious, and glitter-filled work of Joel Cusumano on his “award-winning” NSFW blog blameaspartame.

Sisu, Sophie Ginou, DSTVV
The Knockout
November 24, 2012
8pm, Admission TBA