We recently reported on the controversial self-release of Death Grips‘ third album NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Fans were a little disappointed when the volatile Sacramento hip-hop trio announced the cancellation of its June 30th show at Slim’s, one of a slew of tour dates canceled by the group on the eve of its headlining gig at the Sacramento Electronic Music Festival in May. But the cancellation served a greater good: Death Grips wanted to finish the new record.

Now the album is out – leaked with or without Epic Records’ consent, depending on whose story you believe – and on Saturday, Death Grips made good on its promise to resume touring, announcing a brief West Coast tour for later this year. The tour includes a stop in San Francisco, with MC Ride, Zach Hill, and Flatlander performing at Slim’s on Monday, December 3rd.

Death Grips hasn’t slowed since self-leaking NO LOVE DEEP WEB, recently releasing the fiery, horror-movie inspired music video for album cut “World of Dogs”, a track featuring MC Ride repeating the phrase “it’s all suicide to me.” Watch the video below, via the official Death Grips YouTube page. Although creepy, the video does not contain any graphic images, unlike their uncensored album cover.

Death Grips
December 3, 2012
8:00pm, $20