Chelsea Wolfe - 'Unknown Rooms'

While we await the release of the forthcoming acoustic collection from LA-via-Sacramento singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, her label released two singles and a video from the album. Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs is out October 16th on Sargent House.

You may recall us posting the Glassroom Session for “Flatlands” when the new album was first announced. The whole album is now available to stream via the Sargent House SoundCloud page.

Pitchfork caught up with Wolfe in a recent interview discussing details of her new acoustic collection. While explaining her transition from the heavy doom-folk of her previous two albums to the stripped-down, analog aesthetic of her latest tracks, Wolfe said, “I can’t really stick to one genre– I like to experiment and play around with different sounds and my voice as an instrument.”

The dark, enchanting aesthetic of Wolfe’s music is often translated through her press photos as well. The songwriter describes the story behind the album cover:

The photographer’s Kristin Cofer, an old friend who I’ve worked with for years. We found this old abandoned hotel in the Bay Area, it was out on a cliff in the middle of nowhere. We had a room overnight and just experienced the place, wandered the halls and discovered stories of the history. It used to be a brothel and all the rooms were named after different women who lived there. Visual aesthetic is something important to me and something I want to explore even more.

Sargent House posted a new Glassroom Session of Wolfe performing with her acoustic band. This time the feature previews the heartbreakingly beautiful folk ballad “Spinning Centers” in which Wolfe sings in a delicate whisper, accompanied by viola, violin, piano, and analog synths. Watch the video below, via the Sargent House YouTube page.

Chelsea Wolfe recently performed an acoustic set at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and continues to tour the world. You can pre-order Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs from Wolfe’s Bandcamp page or use iTunes and get two bonus tracks.