Matthew Dear

There aren’t many new adjectives to assign or much more praise to give when discussing dapper DJ/producer/front man Matthew Dear. Since his beginnings as co-founder of multi-level curator Ghostly International and its sister platform Spectral Sound, Dear has released four full-length albums, DJ’d and performed across the globe, and maintained a sleek performance style now synonymous with the musician’s brand.

When positioned at the DJ booth Dear is a force, but accompanied by a live band and microphone is where the talent comes full circle. Each release has seen an exploration of new sounds – everything from deep house to goth-funk – but the one constant has been Dear’s voice. His deep, concise, near-gentlemanly delivery adds an intense layer that’s omitted when he’s simply spinning on the decks (though we recognize this job isn’t “simple” by any stretch). Saturday provides the opportunity to see Dear front and center, full band in tow, with voice at the ready, making his Treasure Island performance a can’t-miss.

Matthew Dear plays the Treasure Island Music Festival on Saturday, October 13th from 3:00 – 3:45pm on the Bridge Stage.

Following the Treasure Island Music Festival, Dear sets out on a massive tour in support of his fantastic new release, Beams. View all the dates here, and check out the well-groomed video centered around the creation of Beams‘ bad-ass cover art below.