Night Hikes

Night Hikes, the musical outlet for Berkeley’s AA Rainr, is set to release its debut LP Prism Vision. “I write simple songs for the guitar and then friends and I orchestrate those afterwords with the other instruments and harmonies,” explains Rainr. AA grew up in the Bay Area, and recently returned after spending time in the Pacific Northwest. Prism Vision sounds like it was heavily influenced by his time up north. You can listen to “Dream Canyon”, the album’s first single, below.

Prism Vision is now available as a digital download from Night Hikes’ Bandcamp page and, for now, physical copies are only available at live performances. Night Hikes played the Bow & Arrows in Sacramento Saturday night with Pregnant and Healing Potpourri, and has a gig at Amnesia on October 19th with Houses of Light and Oregon’s Correspondence School.

Houses of Light, Correspondence School, Night Hikes
October 19, 2012
7:00pm, $5