Wisconsin psych-rock band Dead Luke has a new release out on Oakland record label Moon Glyph. The full length cassette tape God Takes LSD is available locally at Aquarius Records, 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, and Amoeba Records in both Berkeley and San Francisco. Fuzzy guitars and deep, murky blues riffs create a hazy ambiance which melts into the ears of the listener on this jammy, lo-fi release. For a little taste of the trip, stream and download the single “I Loved” below.

Dead Luke, “I Loved”

Dead Luke’s “Non-Travellin’ Band” consists of Cheyanne Cyr on tambourine, Chad Lueck on acoustic guitar, Max Elliot and Joey Tucci on drums, Benjamin Nelson on bongos, and Jeff Rambert on Bass VI. Moon Glyph label owner Steve Rosborough designed the cover art for the cassette. God Takes LSD is available now, on a run of 150 tapes.