Thrill Jockey is planning one hell of a twentieth anniversary celebration for itself.

Actually, make that celebrations.

The venerable Chicago-based record label is throwing itself birthday shows in its hometown as well as LA, London, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Baltimore, and our fair city. The lineup for the San Francisco show is typical of these gigs’ awesomeness, including Liturgy, Wooden Shjips, Trans Am, and Barn Owl, to name just a few of the acts on the bill.

Thrill Jockey’s San Francisco show celebrating its twentieth anniversary is December 13th at The Independent. The label is also celebrating this milestone with re-issues of albums by some of its most seminal bands, such as Tortoise (who will play the Manhattan show), Trans Am, The Sea and Cake, and more. Find the full list here.

The influence of the bands Thrill Jockey has put out over the years can’t be overstated. For proof, check out this post by Impose Magazine, which went down to the Thrill Jockey offices and took some photos of classic posters hanging on their walls.

Thrill Jockey recently put out a remix album by Wooden Shjips. Here’s “Crossing Remix” by producer Andrew Weatherall, who has worked with the likes of Bjork and My Bloody Valentine.

Liturgy, Wooden Shjips, Trans Am, Barn Owl, Man Forever, Eternal Tapestry
The Independent
December 13, 2012
8pm, $18