You may not have heard of San Francisco’s Vasona yet, but if you’ve been to a Giants game or seen one of their goosebump-inducing commercials, you’ve heard their work. In an incredible stroke of luck, a San Francisco Giants’ marketing executive heard Vasona’s track “We Find Our Way” on a visit to a shared space where the band was recording and decided to license the song on the spot. The Giants used the song for their entire 2012 marketing campaign, including the AT&T Park DJ playlist and scoreboard presentations.

Vasona doesn’t just make music for commercials, however – they are a real life band formed by Aaron Robinson and Aaron LaMorte, and they have a gig this Friday night at the Milk Bar. Details are below, along with a video about the band produced by the Giants and the song that started it all, “We Find Our Way”. You can purchase Vasona’s debut LP Find Our Way on their iTunes page.

Nanosaur (DJ Set), Vasona, DJ Chad Salty
Milk Bar
September 28, 2012
8:00pm, Free with do415 RSVP, $5 at the door