Youth of the Beast is an alternative pop duo formed by Adrian Symcox of San Fransisco and Blake Carver of Los Angeles. Both Carver and Symcox got their start in punk and rockabilly bands in Southern California, while Carver also has experience scoring films in Hollywood. Their debut album Seventy Seven is available on vinyl or as a digital download from their Bandcamp page, and features songs written by Carver and produced by Symcox. The songwriting is consistently solid, and Symcox’s voice has a bit of glam-rock flair (which is a good thing). Check out their outstanding first single from the album, “Shotgun Army”, below.


Youth of the Beast plays at the Cole Valley Fair Saturday, September 22nd.

Youth of the Beast, Daniel Mandel, Kate Kilbane, and many more
Cole Valley Fair
September 23, 2012
2:15pm, Free