Adios Amigo dropped the video for “Chicken”, the lead single from their new EP Dos. According to head Amigo Johnny Major, the video is a pretty accurate representation of what the song is about: “‘Chicken’ is about a guy getting a girl to drop her guard and let him in—the video shows a guy and a girl looking / waiting for eachother with the happy connection happening in the end, true to the lyrics.”

Also true to the lyrics is the relationship behind the actors in the video: that’s Johnny Major himself and his wife, Catalina Atria, playing the lead roles. The sweet acoustic riffs, shuffling drum beat, and gentle banjo plucking are the perfect backdrop for the love story we see unfold in stop-motion time.

Speaking of the stop-motion, that’s the handiwork of first-time video director Cait Adkins. “I’ve never done a music video before,” she says, “so it was a new and stressful experience, because I mainly work in still photography. When you work with stop motion, you must go frame by frame with each image, so it can be a lot of work. However, working with Adios Amigo to create the ‘Chicken’ video was very rewarding.”

You can stream or download the whole EP below, and catch Adios Amigo live at Elbo Room on October 5th.

If you see them live, you’ll be seeing an all-new band. “As of July, we have a new bassist, guitarist and keyboardist, and my wife officially became a member singing backup vocals,” Major reports. Two of the new members, Rahi Kumar (guitar, vocals) and Claire Grinton (keys, vocals), were last seen in disbanded indie-folk group Red Weather. Major met them after his other band il gato played with Red Weather at the latter’s last show ever.

Adios Amigo, Solwave, Dogcatcher
Elbo Room
October 5, 2012