When it comes to the tribute album, a set of guidelines and standards of practice is non-existent. The entire concept is based on open interpretation of the original material. From top-flight musicians putting their stamp on previously-approved numbers to instrumental renditions of dozens of classic albums (if you don’t know the Rockabye Baby! series, your life just got better) – chances are your favorite artist or album has a different take floating around out there.

Enter Easy Star All Stars. When it comes to releasing their version of a tribute there’s only one formula that works: pick a legendary album nearly everyone knows, and just reggae the hell out of it. The NYC cast of rotating musicians has released four of these: 2003’s Dub Side of The Moon, 2006’s Radiodread, 2009’s Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band, and 2012’s Thrillah. To the unfamiliar the whole thing might expel apprehensive chuckles but each album is pretty fun.

We’ve got two tickets for their show this Friday at Slim’s if you’d like to hear for yourself. Just email contest

[at]theybaybridged.com for your chance to win.

The band has also released two albums of original material, Until That Day and First Light, so don’t get confused when trying to figure out if they just played some deep cut off Sgt. Pepper’s that you forgot about – it might just be one of their own.

Easy Star All Stars, Passafire
September 21, 2012
9:00pm, $20