The Parmesans, a bluegrass band with members based in San Francisco and Oakland, released a pair of bluegrass EPs this summer via Bandcamp. The five members of The Parmesans all come from bands of a variety of genres and varying degrees of success, and really didn’t have any intention of becoming a “real band.” “I think in large part, we started playing together just to become better musicians,” mandolin player Brandon Welch explains. “As we go, we get better—it’s a great feeling.”

Not only did they improve their playing, but gigs started coming, and the band stayed together. The Parmesans eventually recorded their first EP, Uncle Dad’s Cabin, in one or two takes with a single mic in a bedroom. The results are five very solid tracks filled with catchy melodies, tight harmonies, foot-stomping rhythms, and pretty clever lyrics too. Check out “Brahms was a Satanist” below. The entire album is available as a name-your-price download from their Bandcamp page.

In addition to Uncle Dad’s Cabin, The Parmesans also released a three-song EP entitled Horse Crumbs, recorded in a kitchen with a tape player and designed to sound like it came from another era.

The Parmesans play September 27th at the Rockit Room and on Halloween at Thee Parkside. For the Halloween show, the band will be playing nothing but Kinks covers (bluegrass style, of course), and the rest of the bill will be performing covers, as well. Glitter Wizard will cover The Seeds, Meat Market will play GG Allin songs, and Twin Steps are taking on Black Sabbath.

Yonat and Her Muse, The Parmesans, Eli Conley
Rockit Room
September 27, 2012
8:00pm, $5

Glitter Wizard, Meat Market, Twin Steps, The Parmesans
Thee Parkside
October 31, 2012
TBA, $5 with costume, $8 without