The few who attended last Friday’s show at Rickshaw Stop were treated to a wild night of danceable indie rock and hilarious stage banter from Mac DeMarco and Surf Club, despite an unfortunate cancellation from Melted Toys due to trouble with the band’s tour van. With empty set times to fill, Justin Vallesteros of Craft Spells played a long DJ set of all the latest grooves.

Surf Club

Surf Club took the stage at 10:30pm, performing for the first time since new guitarist Marcos Gonzalez joined the band this year. The Stockton-based shoegaze outfit—formed by vocalist and guitar player Frankie Soto (a former member of early Craft Spells) along with Alfonso Robles and Jose Medina—drove the sparse, young crowd into a frenzy with an engaging set, resulting in constant attempts at moshing and stage-diving from the majority of the audience. Surf Club performed cuts from their 2012 Young Love EP, concluding their set with “Reverie”, a new single to be released later this month. Check out the title track to that recent EP below:

Mac DeMarco

Canadian pop rock crooner Mac DeMarco (formerly of Makeout Videotape) took the stage next, with a tour band consisting of a bass player, another guitar player, and a drummer. DeMarco quickly won over the crowd with his quirky and infectious sense of humor, often smiling to reveal the signature gap between his front teeth. The band opened with “I’m A Man”, a song from his debut Rock and Roll Night Club 12″ EP, out now on Captured Tracks. Yours Truly recently filmed DeMarco performing the song in Brooklyn, and you can watch the video below.

DeMarco and his band went on to play a few new ones from Mac’s upcoming album, the simply titled 2 that is due out October 16th also on Captured Tracks. Throughout the show, the frontman provided hilariously informative introductions for the new songs, citing his unconventional inspirations. He announced that “Cooking Up Something Good” is about his father’s meth habit, while “Ode To Viceroy” is a love letter to his favorite brand of cigarettes. He introduced “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” as an apology to his mother, who allegedly, and most unfortunately, stumbled upon a NSFW YouTube video his drunk and naked live performance in Montreal featuring him, ahem, “shoving two drumsticks up

[his] ass.”

Yikes. DeMarco kept his clothes on this time, but loudly burped into the microphone no less than twice throughout his set.

The bass player wasn’t shy of his own antics, either. While the guitar player was replacing a broken E string, the bassist began busting out a snippet from Limp Bizkit’s “Rearranged.” DeMarco responded by launching a mumbled gibberish version of BTO’s “Taking Care of Business” and breaking into Metallica solos during the instrumental jam portion of his own “She’s Really All I Need.” The band pulled this off with with a remarkable, probably accidental sense of comedic timing, leaving the crowd in stitches by pulling off a show that was entertaining on multiple levels. The band ended with 2 album closer “Still Together.”

Take a listen to the first single from 2, the ethereal “My Kind of Woman”, below:

Mac DeMarco will continue touring the US and Canada through the release of his debut full-length next month. You can catch Surf Club on October 16th at The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz with Burnt Palms.