The Ian Fays

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, September 15th, is the Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser that everyone is talking about. Enjoy not one but TWO! incredible bands! Support Team Menstrual Cycles! Help find a cure!!!

Will Sprott plays great solo gigs around here quite regularly, but it will be a very special treat indeed to see him with a full band. Will is sure to soothe your soul with his mmmmm toasty vocal delights. Take that, Quiznos. The Ian Fays will grab your heart right through your ear canal, then squish it with a smile. You will dance, you will cry. You will wish you were a twin.

El Tonayense will be parked right out front, so you won’t go hungry or even need to cross the street to get yer taco fix.

The Blue Macaw is located at 2565 Mission. It used to be 12 Galaxies and it is real close to Doc’s Clock (always a bonus).

Be a hero and arrive early (6-8p) to take part in the auction. Take home some great auction items to share with your peeps. Music starts around 9.

For more info and links, or if you can’t wait to donate some money to the cause, do check out this post. This is the only place to buy a shirt with a uterus riding a bike!