Born in Kyoto, Japan, raised in SoCal, and currently a student at UC Santa Cruz, 19-year-old Yoodoo Park operates in the music world under the moniker GRMLN. He is set to release his debut EP Explore on October 23rd, 2012 via Carpark Records and recently dropped the album’s first single over on Fader, a guitar-driven-yet-dreamy track entitled “Coral”.

Park began recording what would become Explore two years ago in his garage in an effort to provide a soundtrack for his numerous road trips while surfing off California beaches. He took much inspiration from his natural, coastal surroundings and explores themes of heartbreak and wasted youth against a backdrop of poppy guitar riffs and plodding bass lines. Check out “Coral” below, as well as the full tracklisting from Explore.

Explore tracklisting:
1. Relax Yourself (Dolphin Cry)
2. Depressions
3. Live.Think.Die
4. Coral
5. Wedding
6. Summer Nights
7. Patio