San Francisco’s Cool Ghouls recently released the outstanding EP Alright Cassette, which is available for download on their Bandcamp page. Formed by Benicia natives Pat Thomas and Pat McDonald just a year-and-a-half ago, the Ghouls have already developed an intriguing sound. Heavily influenced by pop, psych, surf, and folk-rock of the sixties, Cool Ghouls sound a lot like what I imagine the Byrds would sound like if they always cranked it to 11. They write catchy melodies, but their tight harmonies sung at the top of their lungs are highlights for me. Throw in a little lo-fi production, and you have some material that is meant to be played loud with a smile on your face.

Below you can stream a couple of my favorite Ghouls tracks, “California” and “First Taste of Spring”. Make sure to listen to the rest of Alright Cassettes along with the Ghouls’ first release Sneek Peek—every track in their catalog thus far is a keeper.

Cool Ghouls will release a vinyl LP on Empty Cellar Records later this Fall. You can catch them live at the Elbo Room September 17th with Natural Child and Buffalo Tooth, and in Santa Cruz at the Blue Lagoon on September 18th with Natural Child, Warm Soda, and Bummer City.

Natural Child, Cool Ghouls, Buffalo Tooth
Elbo Room
September 17, 2012
9:00pm, $8-$10

Natural Child, Warm Soda, Bummer City, Cool Ghouls
Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)
September 18, 2012
9:00pm, $5