Oakland’s Fuzz City Records — a newly-formed label helmed by Warm Soda‘s Matthew Melton, Rob Good, and Sam Lefebvre — released a 16-track mixtape (for real) that’s heavy on the garage rock and punk with a sprinkling of psychedelia and pop. Melton and company admit that the compilation’s range of acts reflects their “slightly demented perspective” on summer, but one listen confirms that, for the most part, (you guessed it) fuzz prevails.

Featuring both Bay Area acts (Burnt Ones, Chapter 24, Moon Rockers, among others) and plenty of non-locals (D.C.’s Chain & the Gang, Chicago’s White Mystery, Australia’s Wax Witches, to name a few), Summer of Fuzz is a fantastic sampling of a lot of very talented, but relatively (and sometimes maddeningly) unknown bands.

The project was co-curated by Acid Kat Zine out of St. Louis, and each copy comes with a zine that offers additional information on each song and “other traditional zine content.”

Pick up a copy of the Summer of Fuzz tape and zine over on Fuzz City or Acid Kat‘s site, or stream it below via Fuzz City’s SoundCloud.

Summer of Fuzz Tracklisting:
1. Burnt Ones, “Black Leather of Furs”
2. Wax Witches, “Every Time I Try”
3. Part Time, “Mama’s Boy”
4. White Mystery, “Rapid Overdrive”
5. Big Tits, “You Made Me Look”
6. The Humms, “Don’t Think About Death”
7. Sauna, “Moth King”
8. Chain & The Gang, “The Bag I’m In”
9. Cheap Bliss, “Sun Lord”
10. Sleepy & The Bedtimes, “Let You Down”
11. Adam Widener, “Groovy Intuitions”
12. Chapter 24, “Spindle”
13. Cocktails, “Ozark Lake”
14. Nightmare Boyzzz, “Bad Vibes”
15. Hollow Earth, “No Religion”
16. Moon Rockers, “Kids”