This Bike is a Pipe Bomb formed in Pensacola, Florida in 1997. At least one bicycle has been destroyed by police, and at least two buildings evacuated after the band’s sticker fueled panic post-9/11. Place your stickers wisely. The band played twice this week, once at Thee Parkside and this show at Berkeley’s Space Lounge (attached to the Saturn Cafe). There is one more chance to see them (and buy stickers) at The Knockout this Friday, September 14th.

Although Space Lounge desperately needs a sound person and the vocals were not nearly loud enough, the band still rocked. They blew through a set list of almost 30 short ditties covering politics, civil rights and hurricanes. The set included songs from throughout their history including sing-a-long classic “Body Count,” from 2002’s brilliant Front Seat Solidarity. Coincidently this record was released on Bloomington, Indiana’s Plan-It-X records, the very same label that put out the Street Eaters’ first release, Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons.

With a multitude of two-piece groups on the scene, it is easy to become jaded. Berkeley’s Street Eaters provide one obvious difference. In place of the guitar/drums duo so common today, these guys choose the more challenging and interesting bass/drums mix. More importantly, the band has well-written songs, great vocal interplay and feverish energy. The band heads off to Europe in October. Look for their triumphant return in December.