Prolific Oakland-based singer-songwriter Michael Zapruder recently announced that he would be releasing a new album, a unique collection of “free-verse pop art-songs” entitled Pink Thunder. Including contributions from 23 poets, three different engineers, and a “few dozen” musicians, the album will be released on October 16th via The Kora Records.

Pink Thunder was “a poetic experiment to see what happens if poems are sung instead of spoken, when words are surrounded by music instead of silence.” Poets featured on the record include Noelle Kocot, James Tate, Bob Hicok, Mary Ruefle, D.A. Powell, Dara Wier, Joshua Beckman, and Valzhyna Mort.

In anticipation of the record’s release, Zapruder released the first single “Florida”, featuring a poem by Travis Nichols from his 2010 book See Me Improving. The track presents a striking image of a father-son bond and the fear that sometimes creeps into that relationship. Stream and download it below.

Michael Zapruder – “Florida”

Check out album art by Tony Calzaretta (who works with Zapruder at Pandora) after the jump, and then head over to Pink Thunder‘s website to read a couple of the poems included on the forthcoming album.