Wildlife Control is an alternative/pop duo formed by brothers Neil and Sumul Shah, who grew up in rural Pennsylvania but are now bi-coastal; drummer Sumul lives in the East Bay while guitarist and lead vocalist Neil is in Brooklyn. Being split across the country presents some obvious challenges, but Sumul tells me there are a couple advantages: they are able to draw from the different energies from each coast and have two bases for touring.

The Shah brothers released their self-titled debut LP on July 31st and are planning an album release party at Bottom of the Hill on September 7th. That debut cracked the CMJ college radio charts, and according to their Facebook page, Wildlife Control is the “#2 self-released album on college radio in North America.” You can purchase the album from iTunes, Amazon, or stream it on Spotify.

Below, check out their stop-motion video for the oh-so-catchy “Analog or Digital”, which was filmed at Ocean Beach and went viral earlier in the year (for good reason). You should also download the mp3 while you’re here, even though the chorus will be stuck in your head after watching the video a couple times.

Wildlife Control, “Analog or Digital”

Wildlife Control, Mercies, The Dandelion War
Bottom of the Hill
September 7, 2012
9:30pm, $10-$12