Do you miss the 90s? Did you once yearn to grow up to be, be a Debaser?

Well then have I got the dance party for you. Debaser has already made quite the name for itself as a “90’s alternative dance party” that happens the second Saturday of every month at The Knockout (so what if it’s named after a song that came out in 1989—god, do you always have to be so literal???).

The next one, going down tomorrow night (9/8/12), is going to be extra cool. It’s Debaser’s “History of Indie Rock—1995 Edition.” According to the event’s Facebook page: “DJs Emdee and Yule Be Sorry bring you a night of hits from a time when “alternative” meant, not mainstream. It’s like the world’s best episode of 120 Minutes, or your favorite college rock radio station circa 1995.”

For the most authentic experience, I suggest you wear your best flannel – not only because I totally know you never parted with it while you’ve eagerly awaited the inevitable 90s resurgence, but also because then they’ll let you in free if you get there before 11:00pm.

Here’s Debaser’s “Boyz N The Hood-Themed Mix” to preemptively get you in a 90s state of mind: