San Jose’s Antwon, one of my favorites in the Bay Area hip-hop scene, has been busy this summer. He released the outstanding album End of Earth, accompanied by the rad vintage-style video for the track “Living Every Dream”. Antwon’s also been playing shows like crazy — he opened for Theophilus London, Das Racist, and even played in a Sutro Bath cave. We recently caught up with Antwon via email to ask him about his summer and the End of Earth release.

TBB: How did the summer go for you?

Antwon: its been goin really well. played alot of shows and alot of awesome shows its been wild crazy and busy but it jus gets better!

TBB: You just released End of Earth. How was received? Do you feel like it brought you to a new audience?

Antwon: i feel it jus bridged the two previous releases and alot of people started to get what was going on. atleast thas what i think! haha but the response has been great its selling alot of people have bought it which rules! i tryed to get the whole sound of the album to be as much of an experience is sound as you can get nowadays.

TBB: I noticed that a lot of the producers on End of Earth were from outside of the Bay Area. Was that by design, or did it just happen that way?

Antwon: nah it wasnt! it jus happened like that. im never looking for one sound ever im always jus looking at what feels right!

TBB: I also noticed there were no guest rappers—was this also by design?

Antwon: one thing ive learned about playing with other people is that its hard all be on the same page. rappers are even worse.

TBB: On “Diamonds and Pearls”, you really showcased your singing voice. Have you sung much before, and is that something we’ll be hearing more of in the future?

Antwon: yeah yo i wanna sing! ima good singer i can come up with crazier cadences then rapping. lets hope that i build on that more BUT TRUST ME YOU WILL HEAR ME SING AGAIN!

TBB: That “Living Every Dream” video was fantastic. How did it get made, and what say did you have in the artistic direction?

Antwon: i gave brandon tauszik an idea and he ran with it and made it real. simple as that. tauszik is a real pro believe me when i say that. shouts out to jon smith aswell!

TBB: How many gigs did you have this summer, and what would you say were some of the highlights?

Antwon: i think the das racist one, the one with lil ugly mane, le1f, max noi mach in the cave, the ones at mezzanine, the one at public works for future percfect, and the next future perfect show is gonna RULE COME OUT SEPTEMBER 14TH!

TBB: What do you like most about the Bay Area hip hop scene? What do you dislike?

Antwon: i like alot of girls being around which doesnt have to do wih the scene? i guess haha and no girls being around thats that i shit i dislike.

TBB: What’s next for you?

Antwon: WORLD DOMINATION. shouts out to the nature boy gang, tt6, dfwc, and the rude boy mafiaso!

If for some reason you haven’t seen it, you absolutely have to check out Antwon’s video for “Living Every Dream” below. And if you’ve already seen it? Well, now’s a good time to watch it again. Antwon performs with Pictureplane and Chippy Nonstop at Public Works on September 14th.

Pictureplane, Chippy Nonstop, Antwon
Public Works
September 14, 2012
9pm, $15-$20