Tricycle Records released its second annual Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation on August 28th, and if you’re looking for a primer on Bay Area music—or just like free mp3s—well then, here you go.

You need to give them an email address, but in exchange you get 18 tracks from some of the Bay Area’s finest, including Loquat, Mister Loveless, The Hot Toddies, Paranoids, and many more (14 more, to be precise).

Below, watch the official video for Mister Loveless’ “Wild Summer” (the compilation’s second track), and be sure to check out the full tracklisting after the jump.

Thanks Tricycle Records!

Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 2 Tracklisting:

  1. Big Tree, “Storm King”
  2. Mister Loveless, “Wild Summer”
  3. 8th Grader, “Heavy Without You”
  4. Le Vice, “Find You”
  5. The Hot Toddies, “Boogie Nights”
  6. Loquat, “Simple Song” (Shins cover)
  7. Birdmonster, “Living”
  8. Sioux City Kid & The Revolutionary Ramblers, “Darlin’ Darlin’”
  9. Rich Girls, “Sink Like Stones”
  10. Fake Your Own Death, “Reindeer Games”
  11. Paranoids, “Astronaut”
  12. I Am Animal, “Just You Wait”
  13. Here Come The Saviours, “Tomorrows Version Of Me”
  14. Magic Fight, “I’m Not (Going Back)”
  15. Teenage Sweater, “Oceans and Seas”
  16. The Union Trade, “Everyday Including Holidays (Remix)”
  17. Lilofee, “Girls on My Brain”
  18. Vows, “OurBrethren’s”