A naked woman sprouts a mini forest on one arm and a mini city on the other in the new NSFW video for Birds & Batteries‘ cut “Be My Girl”. It’s a haunting image, bordering on creepy—and that seems to be exactly what the director James Sharpe was going for, as the blog Some Kind of Awesome, where the video premiered, quotes him saying:

Using the human body as a canvas I wanted to create a beautiful and haunting visual narrative portraying a conflict between nature, architecture and the body, ultimately representing love and acceptance, whatever the imperfections.

I asked Birds & Batteries frontman Mike Sempert if he thought the video captured what he was trying to convey with the song, or if Sharpe took it in an entirely new direction. Here’s what Mike said:

This video was entirely the vision of the director, James Sharpe. I think it actually rides a darker, more complex undercurrent in the music, of love and acceptance overcoming harder times, and that’s a really important side to it. It’s also what makes the video compelling.

This is the second video from Birds & Batteries’ new album Stray Light, which came out earlier this year. We previously brought you the video for “Let the Door Swing” back in June, and you can stream the whole record below (via Bandcamp).