Social Studies

Mere days after letting their gorgeous new single, “Terracur,” loose on the internet, San Francisco’s Social Studies have announced a release date for their second album, Developer.

“Overall, the sound is a little more moody,” singer Natalia Rogovin says of Developer. “We played a lot more with vocals. I’m singing almost an octave lower.” Rogovin says fans can look forward to a more mature sound. “It’s a little more dancey, a little more textured. We wanted to play more with textures instead of play with structure.”

Look for it via Antenna Farm Records November 13th, 2012. Until then, give their new song a spin below and immerse yourself in singer Natalia Rogovin’s velvety vocals.

Social Studies will be touring in support of the new record beginning September 5th. Locally, you can catch them at The Knockout and The Crepe Place. Rumor has it the tour will be a test kitchen for new work – if you’re lucky, you’ll be among the first to hear some of the new album.

Social Studies, Crown Plaza, Palmz
The Crepe Place
September 5th, 2012
9:00pm, $8

Social Studies, Crown Plaza, Mageetah
The Knockout
September 6th, 2012