Satellite High, aka Jay Friedman, is a rapper based in San Francisco who yesterday released Sing Along With Satellite High, an album entirely of covers that are a little different from what you’re probably used to. Friedman took songs from The Dead Milkmen, Devo, Clutch, and others, and reinvented them as hip-hop tracks. The album was produced entirely by Friedman, who developed his musical prowess while growing up playing in punk bands in Florida. You can purchase cassettes (and digital copies) of Sing Along from Satellite High’s Bandcamp page. Below, you can listen to his cover of “Dinner Bell” from They Might Be Giants.

Friedman has been making hip-hop almost exclusively since 2007, and he’s constantly kicking out smart, witty, and fun projects. His Dad Rock EP is an homage to dads everywhere and includes the track “A Soccer Dad Wishes His Son Played Football”. Friedman and Seattle producer Jay Nyce challenged themselves to produce the 3-song EP WKNDxCHLLNG in two days and ended up with the hilarious “QWOP”, referencing the worst video game ever made. Satellite’s Twitter feed is also a treat — he speaks without a filter on topics ranging from the challenges of booking hip-hop shows in the Bay Area to video games to cyclists riding down the sidewalk. Jay may operate a little off the beaten hip-hop path with a lot of his work, but he has the chops to put out some solid straightforward material. You can hear a more conventional side of Satellite High on the fantastic yet more traditional track “Orion”, below. You can also check Satellite High in person opening for wait what at Public Works on Friday, August 31st.

wait what, Satellite High, Young Digerati
Public Works
August 31, 2012
9pm, $10-12