The mighty Tartufi are out on tour right now, probably having all kinds of fun while the rest of us are stuck at home, endlessly trudging to and from our day jobs.

But don’t get too down just yet—there is reason to rejoice. Yes, at long last, the band announced the details of their new album.

The next Tartufi record took nearly two years to make, but it’s finally coming out…next year. It’s going to be called These Factory Days and will be available in March 2013 via Southern Records.

Luckily for us here in SF, we might just get to hear some of the new tunes sooner rather than later. The band has a few local shows coming up, including the Rock Make Street Festival, which Tartufi helps put on every year with this here website. They’ve also got a show October 19th at The Verdi Club and a Halloween show at the Knockout on the books. I’d say it’s a fair bet we’ll update you with more info on all three of those local shows soon enough.

Check out all of Tartufi’s remaining tour dates after the jump. (Warning: If you’re not on the West Coast, don’t even bother looking. Just know that Tartufi hasn’t forsaken you altogether. They sent you this message: “Sorry east coast and southern states. We PROMISE to visit you next spring!!”)

Here’s the video for their track “Fleet Week”, off of their last full-length, 2009’s Nests of Waves and Wire:

Tartufi Tour Dates:

08/28 — Boise, ID — Neurolux (w/ Red Hands Black Feet & Tristan)
08/29 — Bend, OR — The Horned Hand
08/30 — La Grande, OR — The Mt. Emily Ale House (w/ Correspondence School)
08/31 — Portland, OR — House Show (send the band a Facebook message for details)
09/01 — Portland, OR — Kelly’s Olympian Apes on Tape Party (w/ Aan, Kithkin & Exploring The Depths)
09/02 — Seattle, WA — Barboza (w/ Pollens, By Sunlight & Silian Rail)
09/03 — Eugene, OR — Cauldron (w/ Halos of Golden Dust)