Bay Area outfit Turks have been quiet since the release of their 2009 record Songs Of War And Crisis, with band members concentrating on a range of other projects. Guitarist Richard Marshall formed Winter Ox. Drummer Shannon Corr continued to thrive as a photographer and also joined bassist Matthew Solberg in MINOT after the latter saw the demise of From Monument To Masses. Singer Ryon Gesink flourished as an “artistic jack-of-all-trades” and freelance welder/fabricator, most recently releasing a series of custom, motorcycle-themed furniture called, appropriately, “Moto-Furniture”.

All of that is about to change this Friday August 24th, as the quartet is joining forces once again at The Hemlock, the site of their 2009 album release party for Songs Of War And Crisis, with Marshall’s other project Winter Ox and Oakland’s Hurry Up Shotgun handling the opening duties. The show announcement read in typical irreverent Turks fashion:

After a short stint as political prisoners in an undisclosed country, Oakland/San Francisco’s The Turks are being given amnesty for two Bay Area shows. Richard Marshall, Shannon Corr, Matthew Solberg and Ryon Gesinck

[sic] have been allowed this rare opportunity to display the very exploits that landed them in exile. Join them, Winter Ox (members of The Turks), and Oakland’s Hurry Up Shotgun for a night of tenuous accost.

Get full details on Friday’s “reunionish” show, and check out tracks from Turks, Winter Ox, and Hurry Up Shotgun after the jump.

Turks’ available material is limited to the aforementioned 2009 record Songs Of War And Crisis, which included the thunderous track “Sisyphus Way Down In the Hole,” showing inspiration from the likes of Helmet, Butthole Surfers, and even pre-Nevermind Nirvana.

Winter Ox—Marshall’s new venture in which he mans the drums and is joined by singer Jenn Roberts and bassist Henry Austin Lannan—doesn’t stray far from Turks’ sound, but features the Roberts’ blood-curdling vocals. Check out “Baritone”:

Winter Ox, “Baritone”

Hurry Up Shotgun—comprised of Austin Pitts (vocals/guitar), Craig Eastman (bass/vocals), and Adam Kayne (drums)—has been connected to Turks for years, as the two bands have previously graced the same lineup on a handful of occasions. This Oakland band lists their main influences as Les Savy Fav, Minutemen, Mudhoney, Queens of the Stone Age, and Hüsker Dü, among others. Take a listen to “Swim”, off their 2011 self-titled LP:

The Turks, Winter Ox, Hurry Up Shotgun
The Hemlock Tavern
August 24, 2012
9:30pm, $7