Ever woken up — on a stranger’s couch, or hardwood floor, surrounded by empty beer cans and cigarette butts — surprised to be alive?

Listening to Oakland-based Wallpaper, you would be forgiven for getting the impression that Eric Frederic has. Frederic is the lead singer and songwriter for the East Bay party-pop outfit, and with lyrics like, “I’m throwing up in the bathroom stall/I feel so much, and feel nothing at all,” and an entire album entitled #STUPiDFACEDD, it isn’t hard to imagine the former Facing New York frontman face down in a toilet bowl, which, incidentally, is where we find our hero of late. Check it:

That little gem up there is called “Puke My Brains Out.” It’s the latest hard-partying paean from the group, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t catchy. I would probably be worried about Frederic’s life choices, if I weren’t so busy dancing my ass off. I’d also be a bit more concerned if I didn’t get the feeling that it is Ricky Reed — not Frederic — behind this neon narrative about alcohol, Adderall, and the emptying of stomachs into that great white porcelain god. With Reed — Frederic’s party-boy alter ego — you always have to wonder what is serious and what is sardonic.