Leisure Birds

The name Steve Rosborough may not be familiar yet to Bay Area music, but he recently moved to Oakland, bringing along his record label Moon Glyph. Steve used to run the label out of his Minneapolis home, but will be living and operating out of the Bay Area from now on. So far, Moon Glyph has put out 45 cassette, LP, and 7″ releases, mostly of the psychedelic pop variety. Artists on the label’s roster include Lee Noble, Velvet Davenport, Food Pyramid, Deep Magic, Angel Eyes, Xander Harris, and Dylan Ettinger.

The latest Moon Glyph release comes from Minneapolis’ sci-fi inspired garage quartet Leisure Birds. Globe Master, their second full-length, is a concept album following “the journey of an unknown entity from the outermost dimensions of the galaxy to its eventual fall & transcendence to Earth.” The record takes listeners on a cosmic adventure carried by propulsive bass lines, distant synth loops and heady keys.

The 12″ LP also comes with a bonus 7″ epilogue of instrumental “planetary tones” to complement the album. Leisure Birds’ Globe Master LP + 7″ is out Aug. 28. Listen to our hero’s anthem “Silver Runner” above, and head over to Moon Glyph if you want to pre-order the album. Follow Moon Glyph on Twitter to keep track of the label’s Oakland happenings.