Woody Allen

Lauded director Woody Allen and his film crew descended upon San Francisco recently to begin work on an upcoming movie, giving rise to the sport of Woodyspotting. Here’s how it works: San Francisco residents take to Twitter to report on Woody’s latest filming location. Simple, right?

As a tribute to the acclaimed filmmaker, we’ve compiled a collection of songs inspired by his often oddball, but nonetheless illustrious, film career. (Note: you’ll have to be logged in to Spotify to enjoy it)

1. Bhi Bhiman, “Equal In My Tea”: From SF troubadour Bhi Bhiman comes a pitch-perfect example of how Allen’s men and women awkwardly interact on first meeting. The ending may be uncharacteristically sunny, but the beginning sounds straight out of one of his films.

2. Kelley Stoltz, “Memory Collector”: Allen ofter prefers the past to the present. “Memory Collector” celebrates nostalgia and is also a little bit silly and self-deprecating, much like our man.

3. Thee Oh Sees, “The Dream” : Allen’s films often slide back and forth between reality and fantasy. Though we can’t understand much of what’s being said in this raging track by The Oh Sees, we’ll assume it’s pretty surreal.

4. Diego’s Umbrella, “Das Bjorka”: He’s traded the sidewalks of New York for more scenic settings lately, and we’re honored to have made the cut. “Das Bjorka” pairs well with his tendency to choose well-groomed, cultured locales across the globe.

5. The Stone Foxes, “Walk On Down”: This dark bumper-and-grinder reminds us of the way Woody often deals with sex, and especially of the way he’s been dealing with it recently (fair warning: NSFW).

6. The Mumlers, “Tangled Up With You”: As was mentioned before, Allen often employs the flashback. This track from San Jose’s The Mumlers is a throwback to both ’60s soul and the jaunty depression-era jazz tunes that often accompany his films.

(Psst — The Mumlers’ Will Sprott is on deck for the Bay Bridged’s own Rock Make Street Festival, coming to San Francisco on September 15th, 2012.)

7. Ty Segall, “Booksmarts”: You didn’t think we would get through an entire playlist without an appearance from Ty Segall, would you? It’s a little bit of a stretch, we admit, but something in this mix had to address the highbrow reputation of his work.

8. Emily Jane White, “Clipped Wings”: Murder and intrigue, anyone? This creeping song with shades of homicide recalls some of the plot twists present in his more recent films.

9. Sonny and the Sunsets, “Pretend You Love Me”: The name says it all.

10. Two Gallants, “Fly Low Carrion Crow”: Death has always been not only a central theme in Allen’s films, but a central character. This cut from Two Gallants’ 2007 masterwork seeks to explore the great unknown alongside Allen.

Those are our picks. Tell us what we missed in the comments below.