Chicago’s Supreme Cuts are currently on a West Coast tour with Minneapolis’s Poliça (yeah, you read that right: Minneapolis; don’t let the squiggly line under the c in their name fool you), and they’re rolling through The Independent on August 20.

Wanna go see ’em? Well shit, get in line. The show is already sold out.

But it’s cool, we got your back.

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Supreme Cuts recently dropped Whispers In The Dark on Brooklyn’s Dovecote Records, and it’s a dark, haunting piece of work. I don’t know what the kids are calling it these days—post-dubstep? witch house?—but it’s pretty experimental, it’s electronic, and you can hear five of the tracks right here:

Poliça are no strangers to the ways of dark and haunting melodies themselves. The group is part of the Gayngs collective based out of Minneapolis, and their lead singer is Channy Leaneagh, who also sings on some Gayngs tunes. Check out this track from their debut album Give You The Ghost, which came out earlier this year on Totally Gross National Product. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Supreme Cuts, Polica
The Independent
August 20, 2012
8:30, $15